What is the Source of Your Bad Breath?

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Do you know the source of your bad breath? If not, then our dentists, Drs. Johnston and Rosenman with Dental Arts Of Blue Bell in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, may be able to help you! There are many reasons bad breath can plague your smile. That is why we have provided this information on the common causes of bad breath.

Oral hygiene plays a pivotal role in your teeth and gums. If you have halitosis, also known as persistent bad breath, remember your oral hygiene habits. Many foods and drinks cause bad breath, so don’t forget the fundamentals of brushing and flossing. Nevertheless, if you still have bad breath, there are other factors to consider such as gum disease you may not know you have. Other dental conditions can cause halitosis as well such as an abscessed tooth or cavities. That is why keeping up with your oral health is crucial in your life.

Other causes of bad breath can occur from any tobacco use because it can leave a reeking odor in your mouth from bacteria and chemicals it produces. Tobacco can leave smells the user may not even notice because they are familiarized to it for so long. Digestive problems such as acid reflux disease can spur on lousy breath because of the acids and bacteria in your stomach. Finding relief for any digestive issues may help to combat this dreadful condition.

If you need help caring for your smile, please let us know and help you! Our team is trained to assist you with oral health care needs. So, call us today at 215-643-9430 to set up an appointment. We look forward to working with you.