Learn More About the Purpose and Process of Dental Bonding

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Our dentist and team know how busy and hectic life can be, and dental issues can happen at inopportune times. This includes chipped or cracked teeth. Our dental team can help you repair your smile quickly, using advanced dental technology and a process known as dental bonding.

What is dental bonding?
This cosmetic and restorative treatment is a process in which our dentist applies composite resin to your tooth enamel.

What issues can dental bonding improve?
Dental bonding is helpful in treating a wide variety of aesthetic dental problems, such as making small teeth look bigger, repairing a chipped tooth, masking dull or yellow tooth enamel, or filling in the gaps between teeth.

What is the process of dental bonding?
First, we mix the shade of resin material that matches the natural tooth enamel to provide authentic results. Then, we prepare the tooth so that the material can bond firmly to its surface. Dr. Justin J Deutsch then applies the material and shapes it to the tooth before hardening it with a light to set the material, and polishing the resin to match the tooth. In just once appointment, you can achieve the smile you want.

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