How Can Dental Bonding Help My Smile?

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Are you ashamed of your smile? If so, there are many cosmetic dental treatments that can help you enhance your appearance. If just one or two teeth are taking the beauty away from your smile, dental bonding can help you.

Dental bonding is a helpful treatment when you have a discolored, oddly shaped, chipped, and cracked tooth. It can also help you close spaces between your teeth, make your teeth look longer, change the shape of a tooth, and protect a tooth’s roots when they have been exposed.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to improve your tooth with dental bonding treatment in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. In fact, it’s so painless and simple that it doesn’t typically require anesthesia and it only takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete. It will first start with Dr. Justin J Deutsch roughening the front surface of the tooth. This will help the material bond with the enamel. Then, he will apply the material to the tooth and will shape and smooth it. Next, he will harden it with a dental light. Once it’s hardened, he will trim and shape it to give it your desired appearance. Your dentist will also polish it to give it an extra glimmer and shine.

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