Avoid Large Cavities By Receiving Dental Sealants Now

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We encourage you to take steps now to avoid tooth decay so that it can’t result in severe oral health problems such as total tooth loss and gum infections. A cavity that goes untreated will only get bigger until it affects the whole tooth. Dental sealants can help prevent large cavities by providing protection for vulnerable back teeth.

Your molars and premolars are the back teeth in your smile, and they may be at a heightened risk of tooth decay if their chewing surfaces are full of deep pits and fissures. Not only are these areas difficult to keep clean, but they can become havens for bacteria and plaque that are the culprits in large cavities. By protecting the chewing surfaces of these teeth, you can keep tooth decay away.

The process of placing dental sealants is to paint a shell of plastic resin onto the chewing surfaces and then harden it with a special ultraviolet light. This forms a tough barrier so that bacteria can’t access the vulnerable tooth enamel. Typically, the best time to receive dental sealants is directly following a dental checkup so that we can be confident your tooth enamel is clean and healthy. Dental sealants are meant to last for several years, and can endure daily teeth brushing without being worn away.

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